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Inspiration and supplies for beautiful art quilts and more

The Quilted Trillium

Our Story

After quilting together for a couple of years, my friend Pam and I decided to start a quilt supplies business. We were incorporated in October and our first show would be in April. Using all the money available to us at the time, we bought 9 bolts of fabric, some patterns, a dozen books, and all the supplies it would take to build our little quilted booth.

My husband plumbed the frame with PVC piping, her husband crafted tables and shelving, while Pam & I cut and sewed “siding” for the exterior walls. I had my first experience on a long arm, quilting all the interior walls. I designed and made the window frames and all the awnings, while feverishly getting samples done. It was truly a low-budget labor of love.

It was amazing watching it take shape, and so worth the effort when we finally had our first show. We were so proud of our little quilted store. Looking back it was laughable to realize all that went into the booth and how little we actually had to sell. Pam has since left the company to pursue another path.

My bestest buddy, Robin, stepped in and now travels with me to shows. She helps with the booth, advises me, and cheers me on in everything I do. She also has added some knitted, wool applique and rug hooking items to our product line. And she's the best navigator on all our road trips.